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A systematic development process for patient decision aids 

This study proposes a model development process for patient decision aids that could be applied to planning wider information resources. Key stages are scoping (including objective setting), steering, designing, testing and evaluating.


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Association of Health Literacy with Diabetes Outcomes 

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This paper examines the association between health literacy and diabetes outcomes among patients with type 2 diabetes.

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Health Literacy Film 

This is a short film, made by Stoke on Trent City Council, explaining what Health Literacy is all about. It comes in three versions:

  1. Full film

  2. For patients, clients and customers

  3. For health professionals

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Literacy Education as a Treatment for Depression in Patients with Limited Literacy and Depression: A radomised controlled trial 


This paper aims to determine whether literacy education, provided along with standard depression treatment to adults with depression and limited literacy, would result in greater improvement in depression than would standard depression treatment alone.

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Plain words 


A book whose message is that writing should be as clear and comprehensible as possible, avoiding superfluous words and clichés.

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