International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health- Special Issue

Health Literacy in Context - Settings, Media and Populations Guest editors: Prof.Dr. Don Nutbeam, Prof.Dr. Diane Levin-Zamir and Prof. Dr Gill Rowlands

Health literacy has been defined and conceptualised in multiple ways, but almost all definitions have the same core elements describing the skills that enable individuals to obtain, understand and use information to make decisions - and take actions - that will have an impact on their health. These health literacy skills can be applied to the full range of determinants of health (personal, social and environmental). Previous research has established that these skills and abilities are mediated by environmental demands and situational complexities. We encourage submission of papers that report on:

  • the relationships between physical and scoical environments, and health literacy

  • interventions to reduce environmental demands and complexity, including, for example, interventions to reduce the organisational and administrative complexity of health services

  • health literacy interventions that are responsvie to cultural preferences

  • health literacy interventions using the prefered media of disengaged populations.

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Abstract deadline 30 April 2018